14 May 2007

No Compliments For This Advertisement

The advertisement on the left was spotted in Pg 27 of today's New Paper. Considering that the publisher of this newspaper is a very respectable company that also publishes the mainstream Straits Times, the typographical error is hard to accept, just like mistaking "cavalry" for "calvary" (or even worse, "chivalry").

Perhaps what made the error even more glaring was that the advertisement was put up by Radio 91.3 which "is managed by SPH Unionworks, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings".

I don't know why but there seems to be more such errors occurring in the New Paper as compared to the Straits Times. A case of double standards perhaps?


tigerfish said...

New Paper is just like a "gossip" newspaper. More fun to read rather than informative. Maybe tt's why they don't place much empahsis on the quality?

Victor said...

Tigerfish - Yes, it is a tabloid and does not report very much on serious news. Perhaps it is the grooming ground for less experienced journalists. Maybe I should be more forgiving hor?

peter said...

You think the printed media makes mistakes?

Check out Mediacorp and ESPN

Mediacorp is famous for spelling mistakes and ESPN for mixing up its calendar - date does not coincide with day.

Victor said...

Peter - Really? I didn't know that. You mean on their websites or on TV/radio? If it is the latter then it may be understandable, especially for programs which are broadcast live.